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Why Your Acne Is Getting Worse During Circuit Breaker?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Many of our customers come to us wondering why their skin is worse even when they have given it a break from pollution, from public transport, from heavy foundation. Why? 

See below where we have listed the reasons which you may agree with, according to some Dermatologists and reliable research. 

1. Lack of sleep

Many people have sleep deprivation during Circuit Breaker (CB) because they stay up late at nights watching some TV Show, or Netflix! And they are not motivated to wake up early in the morning as they do not have to get ready for work. If you are thinking that it is not a problem, yes, it is not causing acne directly, BUT it can exacerbate the likelihood when combined with other factors such as genetics and poor diet. So, better stick to your daily habits before CB!

2. Lack of Vitamin D     

During the lockdown, we have been stuck inside all day for a couple of months. Although we are now allowed to exercise outdoors as much as we want, many people are cooped up indoors working from home. Do you know that it can cause breakouts too? At the moment, your skin is not being exposed to natural light much at all. When your skin is exposed to natural light, the production of Vitamin D is increased that can boost your immune system and well-being. 

Therefore, make sure you get some fresh air and sunlight in the morning every day to improve your skin, but do not forget to protect yourself with at least a SPF30 on your face.

3. Stress 

The most likely cause of your breakout is stress. During such uncertain and stressful times, our system copes with increased production of Cortisol that can increase the sugar level in the bloodstream and production of sebum then... BOOM, it can cause breakouts! 

To cope with this issue, all experts agree that mindfulness meditation and yoga will definitely help you a lot, or you can do simple exercise like walking and cycling. Do not forget, laughing, relaxing, spending time with your loved ones, a solid night of sleep, or practising your favourite hobby, having a soak in the bath will also help.

4. Unhealthy Snacks and Foods

To improve your skin, you must eat well. Eat foods that are packed with vitamins and proteins and snack on fruit and vegetables. Avoid eating fried food, potato chips, ice cream, dairy products and any food and drink that contains a lot of sugar. Drinking lots of water will keep your skin hydrated and moisture. Adding lime or lemon slices to your glass of water will also help.

5. Surgical Mask Usage

While surgical masks are thought to protect us from spreading coronavirus, they can damage our skin, especially when it is hot outside and you wear it for hours. The mask offers the perfect spot for bacteria and germs to harbour. To get rid of it, you may try double cleansing on the lower half of your face, if you have worn a surgical mask for a long period of time.

So, What’s The Remedy? I really need to get my healthy skin back before CB ends! 

No worries, we won’t give you advice on a 100 skin care list you should apply to your face, the key is consistency. Continue to cleanse but avoid oil or balm cleansers as they can make breakouts worse. Next, apply an acne or spot treatment. This can either be a gel or a serum. Try to apply Vagheggi Oligomineral Magnesium Serum daily at night for the best results. Plus, we also recommend you to wear LED Light Therapy Mask for 10 minutes  a day. Not only fighting acne, this mask has tons of benefits, such as skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and collagen stimulation, anti-bacterial and controls acne, brightening, skin healing and spot lightening. Grab them at special prices here

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