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The 5 Suprising Tips Lose 10 Pounds Without Sweating

Leave “No Pain No Gain” motto in 2019! Now you can lose weight without feeling pain and still loving your life. Here are some ways to lose weights, yet still enjoying your life, babes.

1. Drink Water Before Meal

A research says drinking 0.5 liter of water half an hour before meals can reduce hunger and lessen calorie intake. Participants who drank that amount of water before a meal lost about 40% more weight in 12 weeks compared to those who did not. WOW!

2. Don’t Stay Up Late

You may have known sleep deprivation can cause diabetes type 2, but did you know that it can also cause obesity? Sleep deprivation can disrupt the hormones leptin and ghrelin that will increase your hunger and cravings for unhealthy food, causing higher calorie intake. UGH SO SCARY! :(

3. Don’t distract yourself while having a meal with electronics

A study says people who watch TV, play computer games or who are on their gadgets at a meal ate 25% more calories than those who didn’t because they were distracted and lost track of how much they have eaten.

4. Chew Thoroughly and Slow Down

Recently, 22 observational studies reported that those who eat fast are more likely to gain weight than those who eat slowly. Chewing your food thoroughly makes you eat more slowly, which will reduce food intake, increase fullness and smaller portion sizes.

5. Try Body Slimming and Contour at GT Aesthetics

We knew that it takes consistency and persistency to reduce weights in a short period of time. If you’re not that kind of person, you can try the Latest Innovative 4 in 1 System for fat reduction and Body Sculpting at GT Aesthetics. Don’t worry babes, it’s non‐surgical, totally painless, no side effect and super comfortable! Not only losing weights, this treatment can also reduce cellulite and create a body contour and shape both for men and women! Thank Us Later! xoxo

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