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Korean beauty has been all over the world. It has been on every beauty enthusiast's radar and yes everyone is loving it.

Korean beauty is tied along with this Korean glass skin trend. Which is specified as having skin that is visibly pore-less, and clear skin. Skin that is so supple as well as plumped, it's almost as glossy and smooth as a glass home window! Normally, this is highly searched for by women (and even men!) wanting to look their best. Besides, all of us dreamt to have younger, healthy, and balanced skin.

We’re talking about skin that’s so impeccably smooth and intensely moisturized, with its translucent glow. But, how can you possibly make that happen in real life?

Here is a list of facial treatments that will help you achieve that Korean Glass Skin that everyone desires:

BB Glow Whitening

BB Glow adapts the MTS technology (Micro Needle Therapy System) to immediately illuminate your skin. The brightening and rejuvenation effect is achieved by infusing skin color ampoules (100% natural ingredients) 1mm deep under your skin. The direct penetration of the nanoneedle will create precise microscopic openings allowing the active ingredients to evenly spread throughout and help you achieve a skin tone perfect for Korean beauty.